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Vigilent Building Management AI

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions, and need to be dramatically better managed to address climate goals while maintaining an acceptable indoor environment. Vigilent’s innovation is to … Read more

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Next Tech Girls – promoting tech careers for women

Next Tech Girls is a social enterprise that uses technology to empower young women and increase their representation in the tech industry. They believe that having more diverse and inclusive … Read more

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Mobility Mojo workplace accessibility evaluation

Mobility Mojo is a software solution that empowers companies to create more inclusive and accessible workplaces. The Mobility Mojo accessibility evaluation tool is a SaaS product that helps organizations to … Read more

Prospector Theatre Logo

Prospector Theater inclusive workplace

The Prospector Theater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing competitive and inclusive employment to people with disabilities through the operation of a premium, first-run movie theater located in Ridgefield, … Read more

Genius Finder Pro Logo

Genius Finder Pro neurodiversity assessment tool

The Genius Finder Pro is an assessment tool developed by Genius Within CIC to help neurodivergent people not only identify their challenges and strengths at work but then also offer … Read more

DASS Solutions Logo

DASS inclusive workplace solutions

DASS Solutions began life as a vision to create truly inclusive spaces. The collective life experience of its founders, Elie Ghoussoub and Mike Moudawar, growing up in Lebanon in the … Read more

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ServiceNow Accessibility assessment for SAAS tools

ServiceNow was founded in 2004, and develops a cloud computing platform to help manage digital workflows in the enterprise. Employees in 85% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide use the Now … Read more

AXS Logo

AXS Passport – workplace adjustments passport

AXS Passport heralds a completely new approach to accessibility passports, creating a technology that enables individuals in the workplace, education and beyond. AXS is a digital tool, that is not … Read more

A person is drilling into a bin, another drill can be seen to the side of the image

North Smart Waste Management smart waste bins

The Smart Waste Management Solution involves installation of 11,000 smart waste sensors in waste containers across the city, capturing data and insights used to develop and drive sustainable improvements in … Read more

All white Nothing Phone with Parrot sitting on top

Nothing Phone

The Nothing Phone is a smartphone made from recycled and renewable materials. The Nothing team previously creating Ear (1), which is certified by SGS as a carbon-neutral earbud through renewable-electricity … Read more

Recykal Logo

Recykal Digital Deposit Reclaim System

The digital Deposit Refund System (DRS) developed by Recykal is an innovative digital solution that leverages technology to address the challenge of plastic waste management and promote environmental sustainability. The … Read more

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Risilience Climate Intelligence SAAS

Risilience is a climate-analytics company that enables business transformation to a low-carbon economy with its award-winning climate-intelligence SaaS platform. The company integrates its fourfold expertise centres; science, risk, business and … Read more

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