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Finalist category: Sustainability Award

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Finalist, Sustainability Award, 2023

All white Nothing Phone with Parrot sitting on topThe Nothing Phone is a smartphone made from recycled and renewable materials. The Nothing team previously creating Ear (1), which is certified by SGS as a carbon-neutral earbud through renewable-electricity manufacturing, and offsetting with VCS-compliant carbon credits. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of the product and subsequently combats climate change.

The use of recycled or renewable materials reduces the need for virgin materials, i.e. reduced resource depletion and energy consumption for raw material extraction and manufacturing. Phone (1) uses 100% recycled aluminium manufactured with renewable energy for its middle frame, volume buttons, power button, and SIM tray tip, and 100% recycled tin for soldering on the main and sub boards. Over 50% of the phone’s plastic components are made from recycled or bio-based materials.

Low-impact packaging reduces reliance on plastic. The packaging box for Phone (1) uses over 40% recycled fibre and does not contain any plastic film. The protective film of Phone (1) is made of biodegradable PLA material.

Stricter restricted substance standards help minimise the use of hazardous materials in phone production, which reduces the risk of harm to human health and the environment. Nothing have reduced the use of chlorine & bromine flame retardants, 21 phthalates, Hg, Be, and PVC.

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