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Finalist category: Sustainability Award

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Finalist, Sustainability Award, 2023

Vigilent LogoBuildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions, and need to be dramatically better managed to address climate goals while maintaining an acceptable indoor environment.

Vigilent’s innovation is to use AI to dynamically optimize facilities that include IT equipment, such as data centers, and buildings with human occupants, such as office towers and college campuses.

Vigilent AI understands the complexity of HVAC systems and controls heating, cooling and fans so that a desirable indoor environment is delivered, and energy use and carbon emissions can be minimized, on a 24×7 basis.

Vigilent AI includes these capabilities, which were significantly enhanced this past year:

  • Directed supervised learning. Vigilent AI uses IoT sensor data combined with machine learning to empirically determine the influence that HVAC equipment and settings have on the indoor environment.
  • Modeling. Vigilent developed and integrated mathematical models so that Vigilent AI can ‘know the future’ outcome of control actions that it might take on the indoor environment, e.g. how increasing a fan speed can affect temperature at every sensor in a building.
  • Reporting. Another key benefit of mathematical models is their use for reporting the benefit of control actions taken by Vigilent AI. For example, we report the risk of viral infection (Covid-19, influenza) in a building, and calculate energy and carbon reductions.

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