Image of computer screen with multiple people on a video call using Caption.Ed technology


Livestream and pre-recorded WCAG 2.1 compliant captioning.

web page from showing a man working at a computer and the word When only the best tech talent will do.

eWorker – Black in Tech

 eWorker was started to give exceptional black talent access to opportunities with world-class companies. We remove the friction from hiring and help companies identify untapped talent. 

Three men sitting on a sofa in front of a wall with #HashHackCode


Even though neurodiversity affects about 3% of the world population, neurodiverse individuals are often overlooked or outcast, especially when seeking meaningful careers. HashHackCode provides Inclusive Tech Education & Mentorship to people … Read more

GOVindicia logo


GOVindicia is an online business improvement and corporate governance assessment platform.

SCULPT logo featuring in bold colourful letters the word SCULPT

SCULPT for Accessibility

SCULPT for Accessibility is a workforce approach to lay the foundations of digital accessibility awareness and deliver the basic skills needed to produce accessible content.

Camera set up for recording a black man wearing sunglasses

Frog Systems

In any ‘normal’ year it is estimated that one in six workers will experience a mental health problem at any one time. The effects of Covid will likely exacerbate this … Read more

Workplace Inclusion Award sponsored by Microsoft


Colorintech is helping advance the inclusion in tech from the start of someone’s tech journey. Colorcode is an event for Year 11 & Sixth Form students interested in tech.

Workplace Inclusion Award sponsored by Microsoft

Person Centered Software

Jonathan Papworth and his brother Simon founded Person Centred Software in May 2013 as the first company in the UK to launch a mobile system to evidence care digitally within … Read more


ClearTalents helps organisations like HS2, Amazon & CGI to be inclusive by identifying the support or workplace adjustment any employee may need to enable them to perform at their best.

Workplace Inclusion Award sponsored by Microsoft

In the spotlight: Workplace Inclusion Award

One of the first priorities for an employer is making sure its workplace is accessible for all and completely inclusive. The Workplace Inclusion award celebrates technology pioneers that are creating … Read more

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