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Vigilent Building Management AI

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions, and need to be dramatically better managed to address climate goals while maintaining an acceptable indoor environment. Vigilent’s innovation is to … Read more

A person is drilling into a bin, another drill can be seen to the side of the image

North Smart Waste Management smart waste bins

The Smart Waste Management Solution involves installation of 11,000 smart waste sensors in waste containers across the city, capturing data and insights used to develop and drive sustainable improvements in … Read more

All white Nothing Phone with Parrot sitting on top

Nothing Phone

The Nothing Phone is a smartphone made from recycled and renewable materials. The Nothing team previously creating Ear (1), which is certified by SGS as a carbon-neutral earbud through renewable-electricity … Read more

Recykal Logo

Recykal Digital Deposit Reclaim System

The digital Deposit Refund System (DRS) developed by Recykal is an innovative digital solution that leverages technology to address the challenge of plastic waste management and promote environmental sustainability. The … Read more

Risilience Logo

Risilience Climate Intelligence SAAS

Risilience is a climate-analytics company that enables business transformation to a low-carbon economy with its award-winning climate-intelligence SaaS platform. The company integrates its fourfold expertise centres; science, risk, business and … Read more

Stone Recycling Logo. Text: Technology designed, served and sustained

Stone Recycling e-waste management services

Stone are the only UK IT provider with their own on-site recycling facility, and they’ve made it even easier for customers to responsibly recycle by developing their own free Apple … Read more

Farmers using Carbosoil liquid prebiotic on the soil


Revitalized soils can bring agronomic (soil structure and fertility), food quality (nutritional density), and environmental (massive carbon sequestration) solutions.  Our Soil prebiotic NUTRIGEO is designed to be practical to farmers: liquid … Read more

Solapodz unit


Solapodz are a range of solar powered products; aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, using wood as the core material, recycled batteries and locally sourced solar cells and electronics.  The products are … Read more

Shop front with sign above it saying Edinburgh Makery

The Edinburgh Remakery

In response to the growing need for convenient and secure IT disposal avenues for businesses, in 2020 the Edinburgh Remakery created a FREE IT Disposal Service designed to help businesses dispose of … Read more

Lady wearing face mask and high vis jacket loading blue collection crate into a van


Tech-Takeback, partnered with the app provider, The ZeroNet and Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC), to create a unique “Circular Economy” doorstep collection service “RevaluElectricals” for small electrical items in Brighton & Hove, with funding from BHCC and … Read more

animated image of a man, a woman and a small white robot standing in a forest under the words VANA The Afforestation App

Simply put, we aim to use the data we have in TISCreport to inform company officers of the potential for afforestation within the land assets of their companies, and enable them to … Read more

Sustainability Award logo on a dotty background

In the spotlight: Sustainability Award

Sustainability continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds, so this year we are dedicating a category and launching the new Sustainability Award. We are on the look out … Read more

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