Tech4Good Awards 2023

Nominations are now open for this year's Tech4Good Awards. There are 9 great categories to choose from and you have until 05 May, 23:55 hrs BST to enter!

Meet the inspiring people using tech to make the world a better place

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The Tech4Good Awards are organised by AbilityNet and Attendable and supported by a range of partners and sponsors.

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Meet Our Special Awards Winners

Tech4Good in Action

Using robots and AI to transform farming for good

British agri-tech start-up Small Robot Company uses robots and AI to improve food product and minimise chemicals.

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Digital Spaghetti!

Volunteer of the Year Rachael Moat uses her amazing creative talents to help children with special needs.

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Be My Eyes an accessible video app

Be My Eyes connects blind or low vision people with over one million sighted volunteers through a live video call.

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The first ever virtual football Mascot, AV1

AV1 helps children with disabilities to remotely attend school, or key life events like their school prom night, from home.

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A winning partnership for Code Champions

Generation Code tackles computer skills shortfall in in young people, enabling them to become digital creators.

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Celebrating Tech4Good for in sub-Saharan Africa

Increased access to mobile phones and the internet is helping to overcome some of the challenged faced in Africa.

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