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Finalist category: Workplace Inclusion Award

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Finalist, Workplace Inclusion Award, 2023

Genius Finder Pro LogoThe Genius Finder Pro is an assessment tool developed by Genius Within CIC to help neurodivergent people not only identify their challenges and strengths at work but then also offer practical advice and guidance. The tool can be used easily by anyone and allows them to see a chart with their cognitive abilities plotted out. Armed with this information neurodivergent people can begin to tailor the way they do their job maximising their talents and using the guidance provided to troubleshoot problem areas.

The advice given was written by Occupational Psychologist Professor Nancy Doyle and is based on over a decades experience of workplace coaching as well as her lived experience as a neurodivergent woman. This technology is affordable and widely available meaning individuals do not have to have a diagnosis or go through a long process waiting for one on one support.

“As industry leaders in neurodiversity affirming workplace coaching we wanted to find a way to reach more people and share the advice that we find is most commonly needed. Neurodivergent people have what is known as a spiky cognitive profile meaning there is a greater than average difference between our strengths and our weaknesses. By identifying strengths and learning how to use them at work we see people increase their job satisfaction and performance. By identifying problem areas we empower people to find specific strategies or assistive tech that will tackle the issue. Based on our coaching advice we have seen 61% improvement in performance as rated by employees and their manager. 25% of our clients are promoted within a year. We know our guidance works and the Genius Finder Pro has given us a way to scale up and reach more people rather than waiting until they are struggling.”

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