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Finalist category: Sustainability Award

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Finalist, Sustainability Award, 2023

Risilience LogoRisilience is a climate-analytics company that enables business transformation to a low-carbon economy with its award-winning climate-intelligence SaaS platform.

The company integrates its fourfold expertise centres; science, risk, business and technology, to help firms solve the multifaceted challenges they face today. The technology is underpinned by influential frameworks pioneered out of the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

“Sustainability, as stated previously, is engrained in Risilience’s DNA. As we grow, onboarding more clients, so too do the benefits to the resilience of those businesses but also for the planet.

So, where ‘standard sustainability practice’ might be a project established as part of a single company’s strategy, our technology drives other company’s strategies, offering greater reach and results at a time when reducing carbon emissions is critical.

In general terms, as is often the case with SaaS platform, Risilience’s innovation drives greater efficiency, as compared with more manual methods, and is also more cost effective than turning to more expensive routes such as large consulting firms.”

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