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Finalist category: Workplace Inclusion Award

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Finalist, Workplace Inclusion Award, 2023

A man in a wheelchair on stage, smiling at the camersAXS Passport heralds a completely new approach to accessibility passports, creating a technology that enables individuals in the workplace, education and beyond.

AXS is a digital tool, that is not organisation specific. With AXS, users can create, share and update their information via app or website. As their access needs change throughout their lives, they can keep their app updated rather than having to share a new document every time. They also retain complete control of their most personal data, ensuring best practices for data protection.

AXS allows users to share their needs with whichever organisation or environment they need to. They will no longer need to share to fill out countless different documents as they move from education to the workplace and between different jobs- even within the same company; everything is shareable with just the click of a button.

“AXS doesn’t gatekeep based on diagnosis, or even by whether or not an individual identifies as disabled. It means that everyone can use AXS. There are millions of disabled people across the globe who don’t have access to diagnoses or face barriers to diagnoses based on stigma in their community or culture. We also honour an intersectional, social model of disability, and by focusing on barriers, not diagnoses, we ensure that everyone can share what they need to thrive in the workplace, whether it’s related to disability, parenting or caring responsibilities, recognition of their pronouns and gender identity, menopause, or any other aspect of their identity that they may not always feel psychologically safe enough to share.”

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