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Finalist category: Sustainability Award

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Finalist, Sustainability Award, 2023

A person is drilling into a bin, another drill can be seen to the side of the imageThe Smart Waste Management Solution involves installation of 11,000 smart waste sensors in waste containers across the city, capturing data and insights used to develop and drive sustainable improvements in waste management.

The sensors installed in waste containers across the city, enable the Council to monitor and optimise waste collection, managing vehicle routes more efficiently. The sensors detect waste levels and predict usage trends, allowing more efficient and targeted collection. This not only reduces the frequency of waste collection trips but ensures that waste is only collected when needed, reducing unnecessary emissions from waste collection vehicles.

The smart technology used in the solution creates a cleaner, greener city by reducing litter and overflowing bins. The sensors detect when bins are reaching capacity, allowing for prompt collection, preventing litter from building up around bins. This maintains a cleaner city and reduce the visual and environmental impact of waste.

A man is taking a picture of a bin which has had Smart Waste installedThe project supports City of Edinburgh Council’s efforts to achieve Net Zero by 2030, ahead of the Scottish and UK Government targets. Reducing waste collection trips and optimising routes, the Smart Waste Solution reduces the carbon footprint of waste collection, contributing to the city’s overall efforts to reduce environmental impact.

A key innovation of the project is the use of the Smart Waste sensors and the IoT Scotland network, which transmits data for other critical services to enhance the Council’s digital vision for a sustainable green city. Therefore, showcasing how data from different IoT solutions such as intelligent lighting, air quality management and water management can be captured and analysed to support national sustainability goals.

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