Drake Music Scotland logo

Drake Music Scotland

Drake Music Scotland use digital technology to make it possible for people with disabilities of all ages and abilities to play, learn, compose and perform music. Using a combination of movement sensors, … Read more

OxSight logo


There are an estimated 285 million people across the world who are registered blind – and over 300,000 of those are living here in the UK. Almost all (85%) have … Read more

Neighbourly logo


Neighbourly is a simple and unique internet platform that connects community projects and charities with businesses and individuals that can donate time, money or surplus. Their clients include big names like Marks … Read more

Logo for Camara Education


To date, 1 million children in Kenya regularly do not attend school, for a variety of reasons. To address this problem, Camara has developed a training approach that focuses on providing … Read more

The Giving Machine logo


Every year online shops pay hundreds of millions of pounds in sales commissions to other websites for referrals. People search for a product or service on the internet, or maybe … Read more

Haller logo

Haller Farmers App

In Kenya, there are over 5 million smallholder farmers who often have little prior knowledge of farming techniques, and live on unproductive land. The majority of these farms are run … Read more

NHS logo (MyWard)


Devon Partnership Trust developed an innovative electronic visual control board. The concept of ‘MyWard’ is to provide simple visual clues and prompts for improving quality and safety of care. This … Read more

Thought Sort icon

Thought Sort

Shift.ms is the only community dedicated to recently diagnosed people with multiple Sclerosis (MSers), providing a positive, enabling online community for over 9,500 MSers, empowering them to acknowledge their MS, … Read more

BBC Microbit logo

BBC micro:bit

It’s clear that there is a strong and well established need to focus on computing, digital and coding skills within the UK. A number of reports have highlighted this skills gap, including a … Read more

Logo for South London Raspberry Jam

South London Raspberry Jam

Set up to provide young people, aged 5-15 years old, with an opportunity to explore coding in a fully inclusive setting for free, South London Raspberry Jam was inspired by … Read more

Alcove logo


Publicly funded adult social care services are in crisis, with nearly £5bn cuts in the last 5 years, and local authorities across the UK facing a £1.1bn deficit in adult social … Read more

The Great British Public Toilet Map

The NHS has estimated that 3-6 million people manage reduced continence due to medical or health reasons. Public toilets are a necessity, but with funding being cut, they can be difficult … Read more

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