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Elemental is an award winning company that helps stakeholders in population health management to focus on the wider determinants of health: income, wealth, housing, education, transport, leisure, and supports the … Read more


Clin-e-cal is a British digital health start-up, spun out from the University of Manchester and the Manchester Foundation Trust. Its free smartphone app, Rafi-Tone, has been developed to make using … Read more


Xploro is a clinically proven Digital Therapeutics platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients, reducing the anxiety associated with hospitalisation, improving … Read more


HUG is a playful, sensory product designed for people living with advanced dementia. Designed to be cuddled, it provides the calming sensation of giving and receiving a hug and has … Read more

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In the spotlight: Digital Health Award

Now more than ever, technology is at the forefront of our lives, and health technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital space. At the touch of … Read more

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TapSOS is a non – verbal method of contacting the Emergency Services. Designed in a highly visual manner, TapSOS simplifies the connection process in most stressful situations, allowing the user … Read more

Immersive Rehab, Digital Health Award Finalists

Immersive Rehab

Interactive physiotherapy programmes in Virtual Reality that improve physical & neuro-rehabilitation. Immersive Rehab uses Virtual Reality to achieve important gains in mobility and function beyond what can be achieved with current … Read more

Moment Health, Digital Health Award Finalists

Moment Health

Connecting mothers with tools and knowledge needed to sustain good mental health. Nuala Murphy founded technology company Moment Health – a world first – to tackle maternal mental health … Read more

Apart of Me, Digital Health Award Finalists

Apart of Me

A mobile grief therapy app that creates a safe, virtual world Apart of Me is a safe, virtual world helping young people cope with grief: a mobile application that incorporates … Read more

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Gaming technology that stopped the nagging “Imagine spending hours of your day, every day, battling with your teenage kids to do their physiotherapy. While others play video games, you are … Read more

Sheffield Hallam

Sheffield Hallam

Virtual reality helping amputees Ivan Phelan, is Associate Researcher working in gaming development at Sheffield Hallam University, he’s been involved in this area for the last ten years. “I really … Read more

Image of blood flowing heart and chest

Blood Quest

How to allay children’s anxiety during blood tests Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has produced a free new app for iPad called ‘Blood Quest’, which aims to help alleviate children … Read more

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