Open Bionics make bionic limbs available

In the spotlight: AbilityNet Accessibility Award

Have you ever struggled with: Drinking a cup of tea; Your creative flow and self-expression; Chilling on your X-Box; Catching a train? How many? One, or maybe none? For the many of the thousands of people with disabilities any of these tasks can bring extra challenges. Now, with the support of our incredible Accessibility Award … Read more

Image of a child using technology in a hospice

Magical technology makes a difference in children’s hospices

Thousands of disabled and terminally ill children in hospices are enjoying innovative assistive technology, or what we like to call magical technology. The magical technology is delivered to the children free of charge by one of our past winners: Lifelites. Thousands of children have experienced magical technology Often children in hospices feel isolated from family, friends and … Read more

Group photo of winners and judges

Tech4Good Awards 2015: Meet the Winners

Over the past five years we’ve handed out over 40 Tech4Good Awards, met hundreds of incredible individuals and organisations, and celebrated the hard work of people up and down the country, as well as across the world, who are making the world a better place through digital technology and the Internet. Here are the winners … Read more

Accessibility Award Spotlight

People’s Award Spotlight: Accessibility Award

The Accessibility Award has been with us since we launched the Tech4Good Awards in 2011, celebrating organisations that have accessibility and inclusion at the top of their list. Lifelites were the first to take home the Award, for bringing fun and educational technology to children’s hospices across the UK. In 2012 LexAble won the Award for tackling dyslexia … Read more

Tech4Good Impact: SpecialEffect

The Tech4Good Awards shine a light on the amazing people who use technology to make the world a better, more inclusive place and there is no better example of this than double-award winners SpecialEffect. They help disabled people of all ages play computer games by adapting standard gaming equipment to cater for a wide range … Read more

Shortlists announced for 2014 – and more about the People’s Award

In case you haven’t spotted it the shortlists for this year’s Tech4Good Awards have been announced. We have 23 finalists in seven categories so take a look at who’s made it to the finals and learn more about what they do and why we thought they stood out from the crowd. So, what’s next? This … Read more

Neil Cottrell, Lexable with the Winner of Winners

Spotlight: Accessibility Award

The Tech4Good Awards nominations have now officially been open for a week. Over the course of the next nine weeks we’ll be highlighting each of our seven awards categories, remind you who the winners were in previous years of the Tech4GoodAwards, and suggest some great stories that could turn into nominations this year. The Accessibility … Read more

2012 Accessibility Award winner continues to grow

Since winning the Accessibility Award at the Tech4Good Awards 2012, Lexable has gone from strength to strength. Founded by Neil Cottrell in 2009, Lexable is the company behind Neil’s creation, Global AutoCorrect – discreet, intuitive software that helps people with dyslexia focus on the content of their work by automatically, and accurately, correcting their spelling … Read more

AbilityNet: Adapting technology. Changing Lives.

Lloyds Banking Group wins AbilityNet Excellence in Accessibility Award

Lloyds Banking Group was awarded the AbilityNet Excellence in Accessibility Award in recognition of its huge commitment to meeting the needs of its workforce. The video below was shown at the Awards Ceremony to explain what they have achieved and AbilityNet’s role in supporting their work.