Finalist category: Community Impact Award


Finalist, 2016

To date, 1 million children in Kenya regularly do not attend school, for a variety of reasons.

To address this problem, Camara has developed a training approach that focuses on providing educational leaders at all levels with an understanding about the challenges they face in achieving their primary objective of improving education as a school leader, community leader, and as a parent. The leadership training aims to show them the value and role of ICT in improving how teaching is facilitated in the classroom in order to improve how and what students learn.

Since 2005, Camara has raised and generated €20m, trained 24,000 teachers across 3,875 eLearning Centres, and installed 80,000 computers, enabling 1,800,000 children to improve their educational outcomes, including for example the attainment of better grades.

Camara Education is working in collaboration with the Department for International Development (DFID) UK, Avanti, sQuid and Whizz Education on this project. It currently operates six Education Hubs in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Lesotho and Tanzania), as well as Haiti and Ireland, and a Refurbishment Hub in London and Dublin.

Photograph of children using their donated computers

Challenging the life choices of marginalised girls in poor communities in Kenya, and a change in attitude towards girls in education, Camara and its partners launched the iMlango Project to improve the enrolment, retention and learning outcomes for 150,000 children across 205 primary schools in Kenya, with a focus on marginalised girls, through e-learning programmes. The project has also trained 5,000 teachers to integrate iMlango technology into their teaching and learning practices.

Pupils in Kenya holding a sign that reads iMlango

Delivered to schools through high-speed satellite broadband connectivity, iMlango uses technology to improve educational outcomes for marginalised girls by providing personalised maths tuition with a virtual online tutor, alongside digital learning content and individualised learning tools for literacy and life skills. It also provides tuition and support to teachers to use. It has improved attendance records, engagement and test scores for numeracy and literacy. It has led to increased self-esteem, with 51% of girls surveyed stating an interest in higher education, and a further 43% interested in pursuing a career after school. Amazing results.

Finalists for the Community Impact Award, Camara are changing the way education is delivered in the developing world. Visit the Camara website for more information about how they are delivering 21st century skills, and improving education in disadvantaged communities around the world. To find out who won the Community Impact Award, visit the Winners 2016 page.

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