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In the spotlight: BT Young Pioneer Award

BT Young Pioneers giving people clean water, hope and emotional support Our BT Young Pioneer finalists really capture the imagination of the Tech4Good community and judges. Most average teenagers are just … Read more

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Robin Christopherson, MBE

Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, Robin has worked for over 20 years at the UK charity. He is an inspirational public speaker, he’s been a leading global expert on … Read more

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ICT and digital skills are fundamental for everyday living. Most people couldn’t function without computers or the internet; they are vital for studying and finding work, and for those with no access … Read more

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Maureen Johnston

In 2013, Maureen offered a few days of her spare time to help the newly established charity, The Silver Line with their national launch and to help set up the … Read more

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John Crich

John Crich is a volunteer Digital Champion with Time to Get Online, a digital inclusion project that pairs tech-savvy volunteers with people who want to learn how to use their smartphone, … Read more

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Allan Robson

A volunteer with AbilityNet for the past five years, Allan Robson helps older people use technology to change their lives. With a full-time job as an IT professional for a government levied … Read more

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30,000 people die each week in Sub-Saharan Africa from drinking unsafe water, despite billions of pounds having gone into installing over 800,000 hand pumps. This is largely due to lack of … Read more

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There are 80,000 sex workers in the UK who are disproportionately at risk of violent crime, and historically less likely to report acts of crime against them, leaving them vulnerable … Read more

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Every night, there is an estimated 3,569 people sleeping on the streets, with new rough sleepers are arriving daily. Supporting homeless people is fast becoming a national crisis. The StreetLink … Read more

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Playmob is a single platform that makes fundraising simple for game developers and brands, whilst raising awareness for their chosen charity. Once a game studio or business has been paired with their ideal … Read more

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Sight loss can lead to isolation, poverty and depression. Almost half of the estimated 2 million visually impaired people living in the UK say they would like to leave their homes … Read more

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Monoma – switches that build social and learning skills

Designed by assistive technology company Filisia, Monoma use gaming and sensory technology to engage people with special education needs through music, lights and storytelling. By touching, seeing and hearing, the product … Read more

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