The Great British Public Toilet Map

Finalist category: Digital Health Award


Finalist, 2016

The NHS has estimated that 3-6 million people manage reduced continence due to medical or health reasons. Public toilets are a necessity, but with funding being cut, they can be difficult to locate, and often not accessible.

The Great British Public Toilet Map provide a database that people can access to plan leaving home for short or long journeys, and check which toilets might be suitable for their route. The map allows you to filter results to suit you, including accessible toilets and baby changing provisions.

Example of how The Great British Public Toilet Map works

Since it’s launch, the website has recorded almost 120,000 unique users, and shows over 10,000 toilets across the UK, with 1,000 public toilets added to the map by the public. It also includes public toilets that are not only in the public sector (libraries, parks, town halls), but those who may be involved in community toilet schemes, in which local authorities partner with local businesses to allow general access to their toilets.

The Great British Public Toilet Map’s principle aim is to give people the confidence to leave the house knowing that there is sufficient toilet provision to meet their needs, where and when they need it.

Finalists for the Digital Health Award, The Great British Public Toilet Map provide a public service across the country, whenever you need to spend a penny. Visit The Great British Public Toilet Map website for more information. To find out who won the Digital Health Award, visit the Winners 2016 page.

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