Finalist category: BT MyDonate Award


Finalist, 2016

Every year online shops pay hundreds of millions of pounds in sales commissions to other websites for referrals. People search for a product or service on the internet, or maybe visit a comparison website, click on a link and then make a purchase. In many cases, they generate a sales commission for somebody else, but in the case of TheGivingMachine, this commission is converted into free donations for a cause chosen by the shopper.

So far TheGivingMachine has generated £1 million for over 8,000 causes.

With over 8,200 charities registered with the scheme, shoppers can support up to four causes at a time, from local schools and small charities to national charities like Cancer Research, Asthma UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

The Giving Machine fundraising promotional material

Being a charity means TheGivingMachine can give the causes the highest % possible. This is currently up to 75%, retaining 25% of the commission to cover the costs of running the charity.

Finalists for the BT MyDonate Fundraising Award, TheGivingMachine make donating simple, with just a small change in a shoppers behaviour. Visit TheGivingMachine website for more information about donating your commission today. To find out who won the BT MyDonate Fundraising Award, visit the Winners 2016 page.


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