South London Raspberry Jam

Finalist category: Digital Skills Award


Finalist, 2016

Set up to provide young people, aged 5-15 years old, with an opportunity to explore coding in a fully inclusive setting for free, South London Raspberry Jam was inspired by Femi, a young coder with Tourette’s Syndrome, who wanted his Tourette’s group to have a go at hacking Minecraft using Raspberry Pi computers, in an environment that is both friendly and understanding.

Discussions around inclusion generated the autism & Tourette’s syndrome-friendly ethos, and a successful Indiegogo campaign lead to an amazing first Jam with 75 participants, and workshops ranging from Physical Computing, Sonic Pi, Building your Own Computer with Kano, Processing, Webpage Design and, of course, Minecraft hacking. This was followed by a weekly code club for nine children, who went on to become young mentors.

Young coders at Raspberry Jam in South London

South London Raspberry Jam events have given children a chance to experience coding in an inclusive and informal setting, an important issue for those living with autism and Tourette’s.

Finalists for the Digital Skills Award, South London Raspberry Jam are introducing coding to children in an informal and inclusive environment. Visit the South London Raspberry Jam website for more information. To find out who won the Digital Skills Award, visit the Winners 2016 page.

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