Finalist category: Digital Skills Award


Finalist, 2016

ICT and digital skills are fundamental for everyday living. Most people couldn’t function without computers or the internet; they are vital for studying and finding work, and for those with no access or experience in learning digital skills, it limits their chances of getting a job.

Digital facilities in prisons are worse than the average school or college, and most prisoners have dropped out of formal education, falling through the welfare net very early on. Stretch work with prisoners to ensure that once they leave prison, they carry with them digital and IT skills that they can use for life, setting them up for a career and the confidence to seek employment.

Prison inmates taking part in the Stretch programme

Stretch offer the Stretch Digital programme, giving groups the chance to create their own digital stories, share them with the public, and exhibit their work. Delivered by arts practitioners who are trained to facilitate comprehensive workshops in digital storytelling, and have often been through the criminal justice system themselves or have their own story to tell, the group use modern editing software on iPads, participants structure their personal narratives, incorporating video, photography and sound recording techniques, which are then shared online.

Through their tailored programme, Stretch are changing the lives of prisoners in a sustainable, impactful way. Participants leave with a strong set of transferable skills that can set them up for a career upon release, from IT skills to film making, social media skills to self-promotion across a variety of digital platforms, making them more employable and increasing their confidence.

Finalists for the Digital Skills Award, Stretch are changing the lives of prison inmates across the country, teaching them digital skills and building their confidence ahead of release. Visit the Stretch website for more information. To find out who won the Digital Skills Award, visit the Winners 2016 page.

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