Directions sign with NaviLens QR code


A new way for visually impaired people to lead independent lives, now adopted by Kellogs on its breakfast cereals. The NaviLens marker can be read over long distances, helping visually … Read more

Woman holding tablet featuring Voiceitt app in front of young boy in a wheelchair


Voiceitt has developed an AI-powered speech recognition app for individuals with speech impairments, which translates atypical speech to allow users to communicate in their own voice with loved ones, caretakers and others. 

the Grackle Docs logo featuring a symbol of a bird and the words Grackle Docs

Grackle Suite

We knew that we wanted to deliver a solution for EVERYONE to create accessible documents ALL THE TIME. For that, you need a Grackle. A little helper to sit beside … Read more

Man wearing headphones using the KIBO musical instrument


KIBO is a MIDI bluetooth musical instrument with a modular keyboard consisting of eight distinct, easy-to recognize magnetic shapes that control different musical parameters, facilitating the use of the instrument … Read more

TranscribeGlass, see the conversation. Affordable real-time captioning glasses


TranscribeGlass is an affordable, comfortable wearable device for d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing, elderly and other people who want to improve their comprehension of spoken communication using closed captions.

BBC World Service logo

BBC World Service Online

The BBC World Service provides regional and global impartial news and analysis in 44 languages. Each week its 41 websites reach 40-80m people around the globe with 85% on mobile … Read more

The Clarion

Clarion is an innovative digital instrument that can be played with any part of the body using mouse or finger touch, but also head movement or eye movement. It works … Read more


The Sign2Word app aims to radically transform the learning experience for Deaf learners and their engagement with Communication Support Workers by providing a platform, using AI technology, to translate Sign … Read more

Present Pal

Present Pal, by Estendio, is building life changing accessible technology for the one billion people across the world with disabilities. Present Pal is now supporting over 3,000 students with dyslexia, … Read more

Jess Fisher using Digit Music's Control One

In the spotlight: Accessibility Award

Have you ever struggled with: Drinking a cup of tea; Your creative flow and self-expression; Chilling on your X-Box; Catching a train? How many? One, or maybe none? For the … Read more

Seeing AI, Finalist in Accessibility Award

Seeing AI

Seeing AI, a free Microsoft app that narrates the visual world for the blind and low vision community. Seeing AI is a free app from Microsoft that narrates the visual … Read more

Be My Eyes Brand image

Be My Eyes

A free mobile app helping the blind people in situations where a pair of eyes is needed. Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low vision … Read more

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