Tech4Good Special Award 2016: Robin Christopherson

Every year we choose one person to celebrate and honour with the Tech4Good Special Award – someone who embodies the spirit of the Tech4Good Awards, and stands as an example to others of all that we stand for.

Past winners of this Award include Professor Stephen Hawking in 2012 – in the same week that he appeared at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics – Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, and Dame Steve Shirley, with the inspiring story about her life in the tech industry.

This year we have found someone equally as deserving. Someone who is a wonderful communicator, a person who is special in so many ways, and someone who has been a long-standing supporter of the Tech4Good Awards – Robin Christopherson.

Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, Robin has worked for over 20 years at the UK charity to provide expert advice and support to clients that range from multinationals to charities, start-ups and tech innovators.

Following on from an inspiring talk on wearable technology, inclusion in the workplace, invisible disability, and his first time in the ‘driving seat’ of a car, Robin was surprised by the appearance of Liz Williams, Director Tech Literacy and Education programmes at BT, who came to honour him with this year’s Tech4Good Special Award.

Liz had this to say about this year’s receipient:

“Robin never fails to enthrall, inspire and educate people. A truly global expert in his field, everyone who works with him, everyone he meets, everyone he speaks to around the world is inspired by him.

“He helps us understand and learn from differences, to invest our own time and effort to find out more, and most importantly he takes us all on a journey towards a future where we can harness the power of technology for the good of others.”

Liz Williams embracing Robin Christopherson

Congratulations Robin, and thank you for all your hard work on the Tech4Good Awards over the past six years.

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