Monoma – switches that build social and learning skills

Finalist category: AbilityNet Accessibility Award


Finalist, 2016

Designed by assistive technology company Filisia, Monoma use gaming and sensory technology to engage people with special education needs through music, lights and storytelling. By touching, seeing and hearing, the product can release the potential of people with special education needs, making therapy easy, engaging and fun.

Child using Monoma technology with their therapist

As a recreational tool, Monoma develops social skills and can be used as a cognitive training and physical rehabilitation tool, measuring physical and cognitive skills and taking data analytics from each individual user and feeding the information back to their therapist. Information like reaction times, evolution of memory, force and speed abilities of the user are all collected, and can be used to develop long-term progress tracking and a personalised therapy plan.

Example of Monoma therapy lights

Developed by a team of physical, occupational and music therapists, Monoma can be used in different ways – in the classroom, individual therapy sessions or at home – and is the only product designed specifically for people with additional needs that has bi-directional communication, expanding the potential use of technology in assisted living.

Finalists for the AbilityNet Accessibility Award, Monoma are revolutionising music therapy, cognitive training and physical rehabilitation through innovative sensory technology. Visit the Filisia Interfaces website for more information about Monoma. To find out who won the Accessibility Award, visit the Winners 2016 page.

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