Two boys standing in front of a pile of rubbish

Fighting Fly Tipping

Our app will let allow people to upload a photo of any fly tipping they come across.

Girl and man underneath the bonnet of a car looking at a tablet

Huracan Makina

11 year old Annabelle came up with an idea for a car that is powered by wind turbines. The electricity produced by turbines under the car will help power the … Read more

image of young boy holding up a piece of fruit in each hand

Green Food Score

Green Food Score aims to take inaccessible and complicated data, and put it into an easy to read score that anyone (but particularly young people) can understand and use to … Read more

Girl resting on a wooden gate with tree in the background


11 year old Isabella came up with the idea of generating electricity from the vibrations and movements in trees.

Young boy Otto Sutton sitting in front of screens showing the FrankEinstein logo

FrankEinstein Upcycling App

11 year old Otto came up with the idea of an automatic ‘upcycling ideas’ App.


Amy is a device that acts like a very open, happy friend for older and disabled people to speak to and have a conversation with. It remembers what the person … Read more

Fall alert app showing on a mobile device

Fall Alert

My name is Freddie Howells; I’m 14 years old and I’m from South Wales. My project is called Fall Alert and is designed to help elderly people, particularly those with … Read more

Dimming Dyslexia

Dimming Dyslexia is a project that strives to help people with difficulties in literacy and reading so they can achieve as much as they are capable of. The project, which … Read more

Pollution Protector

Pollution Protector will be a device that will tell people how and what to recycle, reuse and reduce through barcode scanning. When scanning an item and it signals the user … Read more

Speed Bot

The Speed Bot app detects, recognises and informs drivers of traffic signs in their live camera feed in order to improve road safety. It has been developed by Sida Li … Read more

BT Young Pioneer Award logo

In the spotlight: BT Young Pioneer Award

Our BT Young Pioneer Award celebrates the next generation of tech individuals, groups and entrepreneurs that are creating innovative new technology to help transform lives. This technology could support anything … Read more

Water Watcher at BT Tower in 2018

BT Young Pioneer Winners ‘Water Watcher’ one year on

One year ago, a team of friends and I entered the Tech4Good competition, competing for the BT Young Pioneer award. Our idea was the Water Watcher: a way of reminding … Read more

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