Finalist category: Workplace Inclusion Award

Finalist, Workplace Inclusion Award, 2021

We love humans. We believe that their interconnectedness with both society and business is vital and they are inextricably linked; when you The Go Vindicia modelimprove one you improve the other.

We also believe that as people in this great human drama we call life, it is not only our responsibility, but our privilege to try to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Organisations are living, breathing entities and incredibly complex systems. They are not a set of policies, rules and procedures without emotion or humanity. We think the best visual representation of a business is the murmuration of starlings. Imagine your organisation being agile, cohesive, flexible, adaptable and harmonious; moving towards opportunities and away from risk, as one. We think all organisations can murmurate more like starlings so long as they embrace empathy, compassion, vulnerability and courage.

We therefore created GOVindicia®, which is an online business improvement and corporate governance assessment platform. GOVindicia® allows organisations to accurately measure how their humans are feeling about core aspects of their organisation and how well it is operating; this is then distilled into three categories – culture, decision-making, and decision implementation.

The organisation’s data is displayed in a visually compelling dashboard and can be segmented to give unprecedented insights, as well as provide a clear view of compliance against corporate governance codes. Following on from this analysis, businesses are then able to target appropriate business improvements ensuring real return on investment.

Businesses that focus on human governance improve not only their outcomes, but those of the society in which they integrate. We also pledge 10% of our profits to early years charities to further invest in our society’s future.


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