Sustainability continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds, so this year we are dedicating a category and launching the new Sustainability Award. We are on the look out for businesses, organisations or initiatives that are using digital technology to tackle environmental sustainability.

Whether you’ve created an app to help tackle waste, a programme to support local recycling initiatives, or even a device to help others live a more sustainable lifestyle, we want to hear from you in our awards application, detailing all the reasons why you should win the new Sustainability Award.

One of our previous award winners, Water Watcher, were also champions of sustainable tech. Created by students, Water Watcher is a device that reminds people to turn the tap off. It’s specifically designed to be easy to use for people with short-term memory problems, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The device itself is small device and simply clips onto the tap to sense running water using a vibration sensor. Once the water has been on for too long, an alarm will beep, reminding the user to turn the tap off.

Since winning the award, the Water Watcher was brought into production and has been recognised by organisations such as Thames Water, WaterWise and Alzheimer’s Society.
For further information and to enter the Tech4Good Sustainability Award, head over here.