Bitsensing Logo

Bitsensing – sensors for sleep patterns and health monitoring

Bitseng uses AI technology to track a persona movement and detect poor sleep, falls, and other health concerns. “sleep problems and disorders in the elderly are on the rise, with … Read more

C2-Ai Logo

C2-Ai – reducing NHS waiting lists

C2-Ai utilises Artifical Intelligence to assess the clinical urgency of patients on waiting lists. Already at use within the NHS across multiple trusts, “results show the system helps reduce emergency … Read more

Project relate banner. Text: Communication made easier

Google Project Relate for non-standard speech patterns

Project Relate is an Android app that aims to help indviduals with atypical speech communicate. It works by using a few hundred examples of speech provided by the user, and … Read more

HeardThat Logo

HeardThat – directional sound app by Singular

Created by Singular Hearing, HeardThat is an app that uses smartphones and AI algorithms to identify what is speech and what is background noise. This makes it easier for people … Read more

See Change Logo

SeeChange Slip Hazard Detection

Slips and trips are one of the the most common cause of injury in retail. The SeeChange spill & hazard detection solution uses existing CCTV and computer vision systems to … Read more

Signapse Logo

Signapse – sign language transport announcements

There are 7 million Deaf people around the world who use sign language every single day and for whom day to day information is inaccessible. A common misconception is that … Read more

MirrorHR logo with MirrorHR app on smart phone and smart watch


Roberto D’Angelo is the co-founder of Fightthestroke Foundation and has kickstarted the epilepsy research kit MirrorHR to support data gathering in epilepsy research and as an alerting system for caregivers, … Read more

Theator website homepage featuring logo and thumbnails to click on


Theator is on a mission to increase equality in surgical care. Using data, the Surgical Intelligence platform helps tackle variability and disparity with the goal of elevating surgical care and … Read more

Group photo of the Healx team sitting and standing around a background of the company name


Healx is one of the only biotech companies in the world using AI and machine learning for the specific aim of discovering and developing treatments for rare disease patients in need.

The Sepsis Trust UK logo

AI powered Covid response by the Sepsis Trust & Accenture

People with sepsis comprise a high risk group for contracting COVID-19 and when the pandemic hit, we at the Sepsis Trust committed to expanding Support Nurse services to those affected. We worked with … Read more

Logo for Boost showing simple image of a blue flower and the words boost powered by brarista

Boosted Brarista – Virtual Breast Form Fittings for women who have had breast cancer

Boost is a female founded design and innovation company that makes ethical, environmental and human-centred products for women after breast cancer, including Virtual Breast Form Fittings.

Harry the robot, Small Robot Comapay

In the spotlight: AI for Good Award

New for this years’ Tech4Good Awards is the AI for Good Award, where we’re looking for businesses and technology that implements the use of Artificial Intelligence for the greater good. … Read more

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