New for this years’ Tech4Good Awards is the AI for Good Award, where we’re looking for businesses and technology that implements the use of Artificial Intelligence for the greater good. Whether it’s technology to help local communities, support those living with disabilities or even tech that makes day-to-day life that much easier, all while using AI, we want to hear from you!

A previous Tech4Good Award winner who is using AI to transform farming for good is the Small Robot Company. The Small Robot Company is a British agritech business for sustainable farming. It uses robots and Artificial Intelligence to improve the way that food is produced and to help minimise chemical usage.

Their mission is to help feed the world while regenerating the planet. Their small robots, Tom, Dick and Harry, and AI brain Wilma, plant, monitor and treat arable crops autonomously. This enables farmers to be more efficient, precise and productive, whilst also being kinder to soil and environment at the same time.

The Small Robot Company won the prestigious award due the positive social impact and environmental benefits of its technology, all while including AI within its technology structure.

To enter this year’s AI for Good category, head over to the award’s page to view the requirements and enter the free Tech4Good Awards.