HeardThat – directional sound app by Singular

Finalist category: AI for Good Award

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AI for Good, Finalist, 2023

Created by Singular Hearing, HeardThat is an app that uses smartphones and AI algorithms to identify what is speech and what is background noise. This makes it easier for people who may be hard of hearing to join in conversations in noisy environments.

“Traditional hearing assistive devices don’t have the capacity to distinguish between noise and speech. As a result, they amplify everything—including the noise. Or they reduce noise but end up reducing speech too. HeardThat is different. Its algorithms can identify the difference, separates the noise, removes it, and leaves just the speech. It works with listening devices most people already use with their phones, like earbuds, headphones or Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

The ultimate impact of HeardThat is helping users have effortless conversations in noisy places. Studies show a strong correlation between hearing loss and social isolation and loneliness. Without intervention or treatment, social isolation and loneliness can have mental and cognitive effects.

HeardThat hopes to reduce feelings of isolation by making it easier to speak with friends and family at restaurants, coffee shops, parties, and other noisy places.”

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