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AI for Good, Finalist, 2021

Theator is on a mission to increase equality in surgical care. Using data, the Surgical Intelligence platform helps tackle variability and disparity withTheator app displayed on smart phone, tablet and monitor the goal of elevating surgical care and patient outcomes worldwide.

In 2017, Theator’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Tamir Wolf, witnessed two family members experience very different standards of care while undergoing similar surgical procedures. With 5 billion people worldwide lacking access to safe surgical care, and with surgical complications affecting up to 25% of patients, Dr. Wolf realized that dissemination of knowledge using new technologies can impact the lives of millions of patients. The key to this is data.

Theator’s first-of-its-kind platform harnesses AI and computer-vision technology to analyze one of the largest novel libraries of surgical videos in the world. The previously untapped data from the operating room allows Theator to help surgeons prepare, debrief post-op, and share surgical videos. This allows surgeons to both accelerate their professional growth, provide better post-care to patients, and share best practices for global impact at scale.

Theator is proud to have its products adopted and endorsed by leading medical centers (such as the Academy for Surgical Coaching, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital), & McGill University Health Centre) and professional societies worldwide. The platform aims to give surgeons the knowledge and tools to upskill so that every person has access to safe, quality surgical care.

Presently, Theator improves surgeons’ decision-making skills across demographics and geographies – so that every patient can get the treatment they deserve. For the future, Theator is building the cognitive layer behind AI-assisted robotic surgery, which aims to eliminate surgical errors, unnecessary complications, and deaths from surgery worldwide.

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