SeeChange Slip Hazard Detection

Finalist category: AI for Good Award

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AI for Good, Finalist, 2023

Two images are next to one another. On the left, a man is shown on the ground, with a woman kneeling and signalling for help. On the right, the same man and woman are seen walking past a wet floor sign. Slips and trips are one of the the most common cause of injury in retail. The SeeChange spill & hazard detection solution uses existing CCTV and computer vision systems to help prevent these injuries by delivering health & safety compliance with no changes to infrastructure.

“Our spill detection solution uses computer vision to interpret and understand environments, detecting liquid spills in real-time and alerting staff immediately so that the hazard can be cleaned up before accidents occur. Our solution offers an opportunity to tackle a high impact problem which advancements in health and safety processes have previously not been able to overcome.”

“Each deployment generates specific data analytics and KPIs which are regularly reviewed with our partners. For example, amongst others we monitor the number of spills detected by location or the time to clean-up. These insights enable our partners to identify trends in terms of problem aisles, typical fluctuations in hazards by time of the day or day or the week. Thus, our partners can make informed decisions relating to training or number of staff required during periods with higher spill incidents.”

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