BiG Give Xmas Appeal

Helping charities fundraise using the internet

The Big Give is a not-for-profit, charitable website which helps charities to use the internet to fundraise in innovative ways. Every year, the Big Give runs an online matched funding … Read more

Self Help Services, Community Impact Award 2013

Tackling social exclusion in mental health

Self Help Services is a user-led group that has delivered Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Services to over 1500 people across Greater Manchester in the past year. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is … Read more

a visiually impaired person using a cashpoint

Making cash machines more accessible for blind and partially sighted people

Imagine how difficult it is for a blind or partially sighted person to use a cashpoint unaided. It’s an everyday task that many of us take for granted that can … Read more

Childs i Foundation, Digital FUndraising Award Winners 2012

Child’s i: A virtual charity that saves the lives of orphans in Uganda

Child’s i Foundation finds imaginative solutions to the problem of child abandonment in Uganda and has successfully developed a blend of online and offline fundraising. At its heart, the work … Read more

Learning new computer skills atStroke-Survivors-Group-in-Torbay.jpg

Re-learning digital skills after a stroke

Recovering from a stroke is not just about learning to talk and walk again; it is about overcoming a sense of isolation and re-building a belief in the future after … Read more

LexAble, Accessibility Award 2012

Global Autocorrect, LexAble

Global AutoCorrect is the brainchild of Neil Cottrell, a 26-year-old graduate, who is severely dyslexic. He initially developed the software as a solution to overcome his own difficulties. After graduating … Read more

Colin Crook - second from right - IT Volunteer of the Year 2011

Reaching silver surfers in sheltered accommodation

Colin is responsible for running Silver Surfer IT taster sessions in sheltered accommodation for elderly people across the UK. He works mainly with people with sight impairments using tools such … Read more

Internet Buttons, Winners of the Innovation Award 2011

Internet Buttons make the internet easier to use

Internet Buttons simplify the Internet for new or nervous users. A simple webpage is created by a friend or family member with a few simple buttons that link to websites … Read more


Teaching coding and other digital skills to children

Code Club organises after-school clubs for 9-11 years, with over 1,946 clubs in the UK teaching kids the forgotten art of computer programming.

childs i foundation_winner_of_winners 2012

Catch up with 2012 Winner of Winners – Child’s i Foundation

A tense atmosphere as the Winner of the Fundraising Award went head-to-head with the Winner of the Accessibility Category. The Prize? The much sought after 2012 Winner of Winners Trophy. The … Read more

Mobile phones save lives in remote African communities affected by drought

ActionAid uses mobile phones to provide timely information to the community in Isiolo, a remote part of Kenya badly affected by the drought. ActionAid delivers monthly food supplies to over … Read more

AbilityNet: Adapting technology. Changing Lives.

Lloyds Banking Group wins AbilityNet Excellence in Accessibility Award

Lloyds Banking Group was awarded the AbilityNet Excellence in Accessibility Award in recognition of its huge commitment to meeting the needs of its workforce. The video below was shown at … Read more

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