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Finalist category: Accessibility Award 2012

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Accessibility Award, Winner, 2012

Global AutoCorrect is the brainchild of Neil Cottrell, a 26-year-old graduate, who is severely dyslexic. He initially developed the software as a solution to overcome his own difficulties. After graduating top of his class in 2009 he set up the company, LexAble, hoping that he could share this solution with others.

Global AutoCorrect is a discreet and intuitive software tool. It allows the user to focus on the content of their work by automatically correcting their spelling as they type in any program.

Building a better spellchecker to tackle dyslexia

The software makes use of an extensive database and intelligent algorithms, providing millions of accurate corrections as soon as it is installed. By reducing the distractions caused by red underlines, this leads to better concentration and less stress. Thousands of people with dyslexia around the world are benefiting from Neil’s innovation, as they are regaining confidence in their writing.

Since winning the award in 2012, the company has undergone some great changes. LexAble has grown to a team of eight, and were proud to announce the release of Global AutoCorrect for Mac in February 2014.

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