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Finalist category: Innovation Award 2011

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Innovation Award, Winner, 2011

Internet Buttons simplify the Internet for new or nervous users. A simple webpage is created by a friend or family member with a few simple buttons that link to websites of interest to the new user. The Buttons are saved on their own personalised webpage and can be made into their home page, so that the new user has a friendly starting point for their web use.

A photo and message on the page reminds the person that they have someone to call if they get stuck and there is extra help for new users on the site via a permanently available helper bar and guides to using their Buttons.

We Are What We Do Made ThisNew Buttons can easily be added. They can be either be added by the original creator or the new user can start adding their own buttons as their confidence grows.

There are now translated versions of the site in Poland and Holland and an adaptation of the site for the market in Ireland.

Update: Since winning the Innovation Award in 2011, We Are What We Do have gone from strength to strength. They have since rebranded, now known as Shift, and have made Internet Buttons even easier to use. The innovative tool now features a simpler login process, is compatible with mobile and tablets, and is more image-focused, making it easier for partially-sighted users to use.

To find out more visit the Make Buttons website

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