Fighting Fly Tipping

Finalist category: BT Young Pioneer Award

BT Young Pioneer Award, Finalist, 2021

Our app will let someone upload a photo of some fly tipping they see. Using Exif information, it can then automatically upload it to the corresponding council, Two boys in front of a pile of rubbishproviding the street name and time. Fly tipping is everywhere, and sometimes people cannot be bothered to upload it to the council, as it takes too long. This application will help the councils clear more fly tipping.

It is a free service and is very easy to use and access. It is user-friendly, and is a nationwide service. You do not have to fill in different areas to say where and when, that is done by Exif information. You do not have to create a profile.

The project is only a concept at the moment. However, it can also be extended to full public bins that people see, so they can be emptied, reducing litter, and also it can be changed to include dog waste lying on the floor.

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