Finalist category: BT Young Pioneer Award

BT Young Pioneer Award, Finalist, 2021

Drawing of renewable energy source from tree vibrationsMy name is Isabella and I am 11 years old.  I live in the North Yorkshire countryside, on a farm, surrounded by trees.  And it was these trees that gave me an idea.  I have always been interested in technology and how things work and was inspired by reading about renewable wind energy that was generated by vibrations.  This made me wonder whether trees, which naturally vibrate with the wind, could somehow generate electricity through the movement of their branches.  I love trees of all kinds but especially some pear trees that my Dad and I planted when I was very little.  They are now much larger and give us lots of pears to make juice with.  There are some lovely acer trees and cherry trees on the farm too, which look beautiful at different times of the year.

I am very conscious of how bad the climate crisis is and wanted to think of something positive that could be done.  On the farm, where I live, we already have solar panels on the barns, which generate power.  And we have bio-LPG, which powers our heating.  Renewable energy is the way forward, in my opinion.  If I had to describe myself I would say that I’m a knowledge sponge, I love seeking out and finding new things.  From discovering new creative ways to spend my time, to watching documentaries about the wider world, I’m finding there are so many interesting things to learn.  I loved Greta Thumberg’s A Year to Change the World because it was powerful but also gave positive advice.

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