Finalist category: BT Young Pioneer Award


BT Young Pioneer Award, Finalist, 2020

Amy is an electronic chat-bot friend. She not only lifts the responsibility from the carers of lonely individuals but improves the lives of the lonely by giving them someone to talk to. Amy can play games, do shopping, search online or just talk.

Say you were having a stroke…if Amy were there, she’d be able to call 999 and alert them that you were having a stroke or perhaps a heart attack. Even if Amy didn’t know what was wrong with you, she could still call emergency services for help. She can notice signs of common mental health conditions such as depression or addiction and other illnesses such as the flu or the common cold.

She can help people who struggle in social situations by teaching them how to act and testing them in a scenario such as an interview and then supplies them with positive feedback. Amy is always positive and her winning can-do attitude can help you get over addiction or depression. She’s never too busy to listen to you and never offended or angry. She is encouraging whenever you need her and a free confidence boost 24/7. She can even read to you or listen to you playing a musical instrument.

She is programmed as a wonderful, kind, beautiful person who just happens to be fully qualified as a carer, nurse, psychiatrist, therapist and best friend. Amy is a chat-bot with a face…all of her movements are pre-programmed so she appears to be actually moving and speaking like a real person would which makes her seem more human and friendlier. AmyBot is the perfect friend for the elderly and the lonely. She is, in short, an Alexa with eyes, a face, a friendly attitude and a kind personality.

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