From the BT Tower to bow ties and the chocolate fountain, one of our BT Young Pioneers tells all

By Elye Cuthbertson, of Water Watcher,  BT Young Pioneer Award winners This time last year, we never could have imagined the journey we were going to go on. From First … Read more

Baran Korkmaz, IMAREC


Fire-safety app for emergency evacuation from large buildings. North London schoolboy, Baran Kormaz (15), was inspired to design fire-safety app – which he calls IMAREC – after being horrified … Read more

BT Young Pioneer Award Winners Water Watcher

Water Watcher

Developed by a team of four home educated students, the Water Watcher looks to provide a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of running taps and water wastage worldwide. … Read more

Photo of Code Camp volunteers

Code Camp

Teaching computer programming skills to children in developing countries. Code Camp was set up by 16 year old Mahek Vara to teach computer programming skills to children in developing countries … Read more

MindMoodz team, Awards Amy, Sophie, Tara and Caitriona


 Mental health tracker app for teens MindMoodz is a smartphone app that allows teen users to track their moods, access inspiration, and take more control over their mental health. … Read more

Bra With Benefits

Bra With Benefits

Wearable tech designed to identify breast cancer Bra with Benefits is a cancer-detecting bra, designed to identify early stage cancer before any outward signs are visible. The hi-tech bra was … Read more



Making coding as easy as ‘ABC’  Think you can’t code? Think again. Thirteen-year-old Joshua Lowe is passionate about programming and he says his project could get everyone coding, “especially those … Read more

Scrabble letters spelling out Dyslexia

Dyslexic Aid

Multi-sensory learning technology aids children with dyslexia “They have used their technical knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to design and make a device that helps children who are struggling to learn … Read more

eWATERPay logo


30,000 people die each week in Sub-Saharan Africa from drinking unsafe water, despite billions of pounds having gone into installing over 800,000 hand pumps. This is largely due to lack of … Read more

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