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WHO Academy eLearning platform

WHO Academy is using digital technology to make healthcare more inclusive by addressing the needs of learners with disabilities and members from remote communities. The platform offers learning opportunities that … Read more

Alex Bisland smiling at the camera

Alex Bisland, Cyber Helpline

Alex is a cybersecurity engineer who noticed a gap in support for victims of cybercrime and sought a way to help fill this gap. Alex joined The Cyber Helpline as … Read more

Dennis and Veronika standing and smiling at the camera

Dennis and Veronika, Euans Guide

Dennis and Veronica, AKA DisabledTraveller, live in England and regularly give up their time to write detailed disabled access review for, the disabled access charity. Dennis and Veronica upload … Read more

Heather Sneddon, smiling at the camera

Heather Sneddon, AbilityNet

Heather Sneddon is our AbilityNet Coordinator in South West Scotland and beyond. She has been in the role for 4 years now giving up her spare time to help older … Read more

Jordan Pearson smiling at the camera

Jordan Pearson

Jordan is a highly motivated and driven person with a strong passion for utilising data to improve customer experience. She has delivered many initiatives to date that have saved significant … Read more

Margret Asgerdur standing next to a road sign reading Bunalnaluib

Margret Asgerdur, Morgan Stanley

As well as continuously delivering within her functional role at Morgan Stanley, Margret champions technology and diversity through her work as a STEM Ambassador, facilitating a number of educational initiatives, … Read more

BanktheFood Food Bank App Logo

BanktheFood Food Bank App

BanktheFood is on a mission to ensure food banks always have exactly what they need and not just baked beans. The app sends a notification when you’re at the supermarket, … Read more

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Glasgow Disability Alliance Connects

The Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) Connects project is a fully accessible free digital inclusion project that emerged in response to the pandemic. Since April 2020, they have supported hundreds of … Read more

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Millennium Community Solutions

Founded in 2021 by Rev Gail Thompson, Millennium Community Solutions CIC (MCS) is dedicated to providing free workshops and support to individuals of all ages and abilities. By introducing children … Read more

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