Alex Bisland, Cyber Helpline

Finalist category: Digital Volunteer of the Year Award

Digital Volunteer of the Year, Finalist, 2023

Alex Bisland smiling at the cameraAlex is a cybersecurity engineer who noticed a gap in support for victims of cybercrime and sought a way to help fill this gap.

Alex joined The Cyber Helpline as a Helpline Responder, a role where he directly supported victims of cybercrime. He was subsequently promoted to Case Support Specialist, where he provided advice to Helpline Responders on how to communicate with victims and advised on technical issues. Alex is now also the helpline’s Training Manager, through his volunteering Alex has shown incredible dedication and commitment to supporting victims of cybercrime and online harm across the UK.

The Cyber Helpline LogoThrough his expertise in cybersecurity and communication skills, Alex has helped countless individuals to recover from cybercrime incidents, protect themselves in the future, and navigate the complex landscape of online safety. His promotion to Case Support Specialist and Training Manager is a testament to his ability to mentor and guide others, as well as his deep understanding of the challenges faced by victims of cybercrime.

Alex’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to supporting victims of cybercrime make him an exceptional Digital Volunteer and a worthy candidate for recognition. His work at The Cyber Helpline has had a profound impact on countless individuals, and his contributions to the field of cybersecurity and online safety are truly invaluable.

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