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Finalist category: Community Impact Award

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Community Impact Award, Finalist, 2023

BanktheFood Food Bank App LogoBanktheFood is on a mission to ensure food banks always have exactly what they need and not just baked beans.

The app sends a notification when you’re at the supermarket, informing you of your local food bank’s specific needs, so you can donate the exact items they require. This ensures that food banks receive precisely what they need, not just a surplus of baked beans.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of living crisis, weekly donations to food banks are down, making it challenging for them to meet the increasing demand for their services. In the two years since its launch, BanktheFood has gained over 33,000 users who have recorded 183,000 donations to 310 food banks. When BanktheFood reached out to its network of food banks, 97% of them said they are experiencing an increase in people using their services, and 92% expressed concern about their ability to continue their valuable work. The BanktheFood app helps bridge the gap between donors and food banks, and with the current cost-of-living crisis, it has never been more needed.

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