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Finalist category: Inclusive Health Award

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Finalist, Inclusive Health Award, 2023

World Health Organisation LogoWHO Academy is using digital technology to make healthcare more inclusive by addressing the needs of learners with disabilities and members from remote communities. The platform offers learning opportunities that allow learners to customize their learning experience and access educational resources from anywhere in the world. The platform prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity by adhering to WCAG 2.2 AA Standards, catering to users with visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive disabilities.

The platform’s accessibility features enable users to have equal access to education, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive abilities. The platform’s use of AI and ML technology will ensure that all learning material is easy to read and understand, with adaptive learning available to all, including those with dyslexia. It supports six UN languages, ensuring that learners from diverse backgrounds can access learning materials. Furthermore, we plan to support dark mode, which is helpful for users with bright screen sensitivity.

The WHO Academy also offers personalised recommendations based on the learning goals and interests of the individual learners. These recommendations are created by analysing the user’s behaviour and can help learners who have specific needs or preferences, easily find the courses that best meet their needs, creating a more inclusive and personalized learning experience.

The platform’s focus on verifiable credentials is beneficial for people with long-term health conditions or disabilities. Credentials demonstrate their skills and knowledge, helping them to grow professionally and increase their profile. This can be particularly important for people who may face barriers to traditional employment opportunities.

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