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Finalist category: Community Impact Award

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Community Impact Award, Finalist, 2023

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Founded in 2021 by Rev Gail Thompson, Millennium Community Solutions CIC (MCS) is dedicated to providing free workshops and support to individuals of all ages and abilities. By introducing children to the world of coding, MCS is helping to prepare them for the rapidly changing job market. In addition, these workshops can help foster a lifelong love of technology and creativity.

With the help of Lambeth Council & Digital Poverty Alliance, MCS has expanded its efforts by launching eight coding centres throughout the borough, specifically targeting children aged 5-11 years. They now teach coding from Scratch-Python to150 children a week, or 6000 per annum.

Lambeth Council, recognizing the immense value of digital literacy and the role it plays in shaping the future of its younger residents, has wholeheartedly thrown its support behind Millennium Community Services (MCS) and its children’s coding classes. The council’s commitment to fostering digital skills among children aged 5-11 years is evident in their generous provision of venues at no cost to MCS. This partnership has significantly benefited the community and allowed MCS to expand its reach and impact.

The council’s backing is particularly crucial given that MCS is the only organization in the area that provides coding classes five days a week, regardless of their background or circumstances.

“The coding classes are fabulous and engaging”.
Lambeth Officer

“I love this centre”
Malik 8 yrs old

11-year-old Ashley, who began coding lessons with MCS last July, is now an intern teaching coding to eager 5-year-olds, inspiring a new generation.

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