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3 words to address the world

BT Ingenious Award 2015

Around 75% of the world suffers from inadequate addressing systems – around 4 billion people. An address means that people can receive...

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GoodSAM creates a network of lifesavers across the world

BT Ingenious Award

GoodSAM (Smartphone Activated Medic) is a London-based social enterprise, who have created a smartphone alerter and responder app,...

Zubabox brings digital technology to remote areas

BT Ingenious Award 2014

Computer Aid International is a UK registered charity based in North London which refurbishes unwanted IT equipment in the UK and delivers...

Bringing global expeditions to the classroom

BT Ingenious Award 2014

Digital Explorer is a social enterprise that develops education projects in collaboration with scientific and cultural expeditions,...

Affordable solar power for mobile phones

BT Ingenious Award 2014

Mobile phones at the bottom of the economic pyramid markets are becoming very valuable because they give people access to opportunities....

BiG Give Xmas Appeal

Helping charities fundraise using the internet

Digital Giving Award 2013

The Big Give is a not-for-profit, charitable website which helps charities to use the internet to fundraise in innovative ways. Every...


Mobile phones save lives in remote African communities affected by drought

Winner, Innovation Award 2012

ActionAid uses mobile phones to provide timely information to the community in Isiolo, a remote part of Kenya badly affected by the...