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Pennies, Winners of Fundraising Award 2011

Turning digital pennies into micro-donations

Fundaising Award 2011

Pennies is an electronic charity box that enables people to donate a few pence of their electronic change as they pay for with a debit...

Starting Point Community Impact Winners 2011

The chip shop in Stockport that serves up digital skills

Winner, Community Impact Award 2011

A community-based cybercafé and learning centre that has grown out of a fish and chip shop. It is a base for a huge range of learning...

Colin Crook - second from right - IT Volunteer of the Year 2011

Reaching silver surfers people in sheltered accommodation

IT Volunteer of the Year

Colin is responsible for running Silver Surfer IT taster sessions in sheltered accommodation for elderly people across the UK. He works...

Lifelites Accessibility Award Winners and Winner of Winners, 2011

Bringing fun and games to children in hospices

Accessibility Award 2011, WInner of WInners 2011

It’s easy to assume that every young person is a whiz on the latest technology and can get their hands on the latest gadgetry...

Internet Buttons, Winners of the Innovation Award 2011

Internet Buttons make the internet easier to use

Innovation Award 2011

We Are What We Do/Internet Buttons Winner, Innovation Award 2011 Internet Buttons simplify the Internet for new or nervous users. A...

XMA and iansyst collecting their Working Together Award 2011

Delivering bespoke computer packages to over 9,000 severely disabled children

Winner, Working Together Award 2011

XMA and iansyst collaborated to ensure delivery of bespoke computer packages to enable over 9,000 children those with disabilities...

Vintage Radio with their Community Voices Award 2011

Online radio made by older people, for older people

Winner, Community Voices Award 2011

Vintage Radio is an online community radio station in Birkenhead, Merseyside, that is run by older people for older people. It started...