Lifelites won two awards at the ceremony: recognition in the ‘Accessibility’ category for their work with assistive technology and declared overall winners as they collected ‘Best in Show’. This national  charity installs and maintains fun and educational technology for the 7000 children who stay, learn and play in all 44 of the UK’s children’s hospices.

With over twenty years’ experience in the charity sector Simone Enefer-Doy, Lifelites Chief Executive, says Lifelites were ready to make the most out of their victory on the night. “We recognised straight away how significant a moment this was for Lifelites,” she said, ”The kudos of being named winners has definitely opened doors.”

“It’s also been so our busiest ever year, so we’ve barely had time to celebrate since we won the awards. We’ve expanded our operations to include every hospice in the UK, including Northern Ireland,” she explained before adding “And our success at the Awards didn’t let us pause for breath.”

Perhaps most significantly, though, was Simone’s acknowledgement of what it did for the volunteers and staff who work for the charity. “We use technology to help very poorly children, who often have very little say in their daily routine, to have a little more control over their lives. Winning really brought home how great, and how necessary, the simple idea behind Lifelites is.”