Pennies, Winners of Fundraising Award 2011

Turning digital pennies into micro-donations

Fundaising Award 2011

Pennies is a digital charity box that enables people to donate a few pence to charity when they pay by card, whether in-store, online or via apps. This is an opportunity for fundraising that others have tried to solve before, but the success of Pennies lies in creating a solution that requires minimal change for retailer to unlock the potential of micro-donations.

Pennies launched in November 2010 with Domino’s Pizza, which immediately offered national reach via their online ordering service. The partnership has since expanded to include Pennies in their apps. A number of other partners quickly followed resulting in more than 400,000 consumer donations totalling well over £100,000 in the first few months.

Three years on over 10 million donations had been received, raising over £2m. More than half the donations are for less than 10 pence, showing that pennies really do add up to pounds.


Pennies, Winners of Fundraising Award 2011