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Digital Health Award, Winner, 2018

A simple, non-verbal way to get help in an emergency.

TapSOS is a non – verbal method of contacting the Emergency Services. Designed in a highly visual manner, TapSOS simplifies the connection process in most stressful situations, allowing the user to understand and process vital information quickly and efficiently.

TapSOS is a completely new product in a new market. It offers inclusiveness and provides an effective method for all smartphone users to contact the Emergency Services in situations of distress and duress.

The initial UK target group was those 11million people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or with a speech impediment (1 out of 100 people) to easily access mainstream services.

However the user base quickly expanded as the prototype was tested.

Through innovation, not only will TapSOS empower and reassure those with a disability to be independent, it will also help promote equality. The app will also be beneficial for those with breathing difficulties, allergies, or those in situations of Domestic Abuse or being held against their will. In 2016 in England and Wales alone, 1.2 million women and 651,000 men said they were domestic abuse victims.

Additionally, the increase in terrorist attacks highlights the need for a discreet method of contacting help, without the fear of being heard. TapSOS is the solution, it will allow anyone to non-verbally communicate and seek help from the Emergency Services in any situation.

TapSOS stores the individual’s medical history and pertinent personal information on their device, delivering this directly to the selected Emergency Service. It also uses GPS to pin point the user’s exact location.

Depending on the nature of the emergency and the ability of the user to participate, the device will permit the user to provide Emergency Services with additional data, to ensure the most appropriate resource is despatched in an efficient manner.

The speed of TapSOS establishing a connection to the appropriate emergency service enhances the ability the service has to save lives, in particular, those whose circumstances do not permit them to speak directly to call handlers.

TapSOS offers inclusiveness and provides an effective method for all smartphone users when contacting the Emergency Services. Promoting equality, enabling those with a speech or hearing impairment to easily access mainstream services. Through innovation, TapSOS will empower and reassure those with a disability to be independent.

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