Finalist category: Digital Health Award 2020

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Digital Health Award, Winner, 2020

Elemental uses data system to help stakeholders, providers of services and patients tackle health risks, whilst generating data to improve the design and delivery of an integrated health and care system.

Elemental is an award-winning company that helps stakeholders in population health management to focus on the wider determinants of health: income, wealth, housing, education, transport, leisure, and supports the adoption of health behaviours and lifestyles: smoking, diet, drinking, exercise. Elemental better connects stakeholders, providers of services and patients with health risks in the places and communities we live in whilst generating data that helps inform the design and delivery of an integrated health and care system.

Elemental is used by over 310 digital social prescribing hubs across the UK and Ireland to connect people into community based activities, interventions and support pre, during and coming out of this phase of COVID. Over 50,000 people are benefitting from either self referrals or referrals made by crisis support teams, customer care, clinicians, multi disciplinary teams or housing officers to over 800 social prescribing Link Workers. 

Elemental is a platform that integrates with all leading clinical systems, and soon to be secondary care systems, so that people can be better connected into their communities and empowered to access and engage in health and wellbeing in their own local communities.  It enables health and social care providers to connect patients to non-medical activities and support in the community to reduce health risks and health inequalities.

Through partnering with Elemental, health professionals are able to connect patients to social prescribing programmes in their communities more effectively and evaluate the impact of a referral so that the health and wellbeing benefits of activities can be clearly demonstrated. This is making a real difference in enhancing health outcomes for communities, and empowering communities and neighbourhoods to access the activities and support that will have better wellbeing outcomes for them.

Elemental’s aim is to be an employer of choice in the tech for good sector, employing the best people in the industry to continue to develop our services and expertise in technology and social prescribing. Other goals include integrating its technology with community and housing systems and developing the use of analytics to enable professionals to estimate the cost savings of social prescribing to other public services.  

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