Finalist category: BT Young Pioneer Award


BT Young Pioneer Award, Finalist, 2018

 Mental health tracker app for teens

MindMoodz is a smartphone app that allows teen users to track their moods, access inspiration, and take more control over their mental health. Not only for young people who are struggling, the app is for also those who want to maintain and understand their feelings and wellbeing.

MindMoodz was developed by Limerick-based social enterprise Tasca, which was set up by students Sophie Boyce, Amy & Caitriona O’Halloran and Tara Daly. The students were motivated by their experiences living in a city where there is an epidemic of mental health issues, and wanted to develop something that would help young people deal with their feelings.

The app is accessed via a personalised pin code and allows users to track their feelings like a diary – picking between five different emojis to rate how they’re feeling that day. This helps teens to be more aware of how their emotions and pick up any trends, triggers or negative influences in their lives that they can change or avoid. They also develop a better understanding of how their emotional states vary with thoughts, feelings and experiences.

The main menu presents different areas of the app to access depending on how you’re feeling that day:

  • The ‘Cheer Me Up’ function includes media to cheer you up, or conquer boredom
  • ‘Inspire Me’ provides inspirational stories to encourage the user to be their best self
  • ‘Support Me’ offers the different supports available in the Limerick area

Although not intended to replace professional mental health support, the app also aims to help teens to highlight the positive things and experiences in their lives.

The next version of MindMoodz will include long term reviewing of moods and offer ways to help relax the user in times of stress. Finally, the new version will address the needs of users who suffer with anxiety.

Tasca’s plan is to focus the app in Limerick, then introduce it into the rest of Ireland by year two – so more teenagers can experience the benefits of better mental health.

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