Finalist category: Accessibility Award

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Accessibility Award, Finalist, 2021

Voiceitt App advertisementDanny Weissberg is an engineer, entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of Voiceitt. After his grandmother suffered a stroke, which left her with unintelligible speech, Danny was inspired to create Voiceitt, a voice recognition technology that allows people with speech impairments to communicate with anyone, anywhere, using their own voice 

Voiceitt has developed an AI-powered speech recognition app for individuals with speech impairments, which translates atypical speech to allow users to communicate in their own voice with loved ones, caretakers and others. 

The app also facilitates communication with smart home devices, enabling those with speech impairments (impairments which are often coupled with other disabilities) to perform daily tasks such as turning on lights, unlocking doors, turning on the TV, playing music and more, independently. Voiceitt is integrated with Amazon Web Services, allowing users to control Alexa-connected smart home devices seamlessly with the Voiceitt app and offering them a whole new level of independence. 

Anyone with non-standard speech – even those with severe speech impairments caused by Cerebral Palsy, ALS, Down Syndrome, etc. – can benefit from Voiceitt’s app. The app also serves older adults with deteriorating speech resulting from strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease, etc. Voiceitt offers its solution to non-profit organizations, healthcare professionals, hospitals, care centers and more, which assist people with disabilities. 

Voiceitt isn’t just an app, it’s a way of communicating. Voiceitt’s mission is to help those with atypical speech use their own voice to communicate and be understood. Having to be reliant on others for everyday tasks can have a profound impact on one’s sense of self and independence. Using the Voiceitt app, individuals who once had to ask others to turn off a light can now turn it off themselves, change the TV channel, or play their favorite music on their own, creating a sense of self-reliance that can be profoundly empowering.  

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